We have a lot of flavors to choose from - from childhood favorites & colors to sophisticated flavors for one & all.

Standard Flavors 

Vanilla cake layered with rich vanilla buttercream

Rich Chocolate cake layered with luscious 
dark chocolate Buttercream

White Chocolate strawberry 
Vanilla cake layered with white chocolate buttercream and strawberry preserve

Chocolate Espresso
Moist chocolate cake soaked with fresh-brewed 
espresso, layered with espresso buttercream

Chocolate Mint 
Chocolate cake with mint Buttercream

Strawberry Short
Vanilla cake layered with strawberry buttercream

Zingy lemon cake with creamy
Vanilla Buttercream

Tie dye Cake
Vanilla cake with a choice of color to tie dye,
 layered with rich vanilla buttercream

White & Chocolate cake swirled together and
topped with creamy buttercream

                              Fruit Cake

 Traditional Fruit Cake

Moist fruit cake with marzipan. 
Choice of brandy or orange juice. 

                         Premium Flavors 

Amaretto Cream    
Vanilla Cake with Amaretto Buttercream

Vanilla cake soaked in Kahlua liqueur and fresh 
espresso, topped with Kahlua buttercream and 
sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings

Rich Chocolate cake topped with
Kahlua buttercream

Cookies & Cream  
Chocolate cake with creamy buttercream
and crushed oreo cookies

Orange Chocolate
Orange cake layered with creamy 
chocolate buttercream

Moist carrot cake layered with 
Cream cheese Buttercream

Chocolate Infinity 
Rich Chocolate cake layered with our
dark chocolate ganache

Red Velvet
Red velvet chocolate cake layered with
cream cheese buttercream

Black Velvet
Black velvet chocolate cake layered with
cream cheese buttercream

Blue Velvet
Blue velvet chocolate cake layered with
cream cheese buttercream

Rainbow Cake
Rainbow colored vanilla cake layered with
rich vanilla buttercream

Vanilla  and Chocolate or colored cake layered 
with rich vanilla buttercream

Cake Prices 


Butter Icing Cupcakes
Your choice of sponge cake,Butter Icing,
with glitters.
from R150 per dozen


Single tier Butter Icing birthday cake
9" double layer cake. Decorative Butter Icing.
±25 servings.
from R450

 All cakes are subject to special quotation, prices are indicative of the described cake. 
Printed fondant sheets are available at R85.00 per sheet. 
Cake tasting cupcakes for weddings in a variety of flavors are available
in a box of 12 cupcakes for R 180.00


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